the use of bragg vinegar

I am going to take a test ride using vinegar in my drinks and recipes that use regurly that can adapt to added vinegar, so this test has already taken off this day of july 30 2018, I expect that giving the purity of this particular vinegar being raw and organic that I wont have vinegar peralious of yuccyness or blah , and can be expected ok,so I will do this for one month and post on this post my results and if there is any significant changes to my weight over all condition, inflammatory correctness, blood pressure. close monitering so stay with me this is real test not for a enter note I have dropped 4.5lbs. in this couple weeks since the vinegar.

realestate jargon

know that you can before you go all in on real estate keep in mind that your credit is the only thing of value interest to a seller, especially as monetary greenbacks so hold on to your worth a bit longer to keep your head above water don’t print that last line. I am a member of a real estate group and this area is my view for a fixer upper and I mean fixer upper some of the properties lack any combinations a investor looks. does property show a manageable curb appeal or are we talking total make over,the house does it show well for it age and current condition, there any noticeable blemishes that may hide a bigger fix now lets look at interior , any area of splashes on walls , that would indicate that there is or has been a fix there was it corrected or covered up any area have a faint or apparent smell these smells would indicate moisture and that could be a lot of it. check floor level its easy but ask seller or realtor if they don’t object to this use a can of any product just as so it round place on floor in various places and set it there if the can rolls a little don’t be alarmed ,but if that can rolls more than three feet you got a structural problem that needs to be fixed and soon ,hope you remember to check next to walls any single standing structure can be a serious injury to a small child if there playing around remember proper floor. leveling is a must don’t take any curb on that


SUMMER BLAST; with this recipe your gonna be breaking down nourishment cell walls, fibers, enzymes, and blend all ,this will be for your apparent risk factor. drinking vital nutrient filled fruit and vegetables is an immediate blast of those beneficial ingredients to boost a whole foods straight to the cell and direct to the blood for instant cell regeneration. 1. handful of spinach, one whole apple split and ate infusion to your bodies organs and molecules and arteries, filling your body with life saving nutrition. this is how to begin, use your best mixer, emulsifier, or some newer version, but you want to be sure that your unit will break up solid vegetables and fruit and nuts, seeds to make a viable nutrient filled drink the best preparation you can achieve is to balance the amount of ingredients to maximize helpful benefits of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber,and natural sugar,now for a recipe; handful of spinach, one whole banana ,handful grapes green ,teaspoon of chia seeds or flax seeds,and distilled water, you can use spring water to but distilled is truly cleaner so try both on occasion you will be utterly amazed ‘m sure pulse all ingredients till blended well and enjoy! p.s. best to use ORGANIC FRUITS and VEGETABLES!!

Meditation Exercises

Recommend; utilize your personal time focusing on your core energy strenghtening  your mental and physical endurance will enduer with better clarity on the days ahead , train your mind to better sense what you like to have in your life, seek a list of law of attraction audio to glance in to your visual aspects of what you are trying to have come to your live and manifest it !

wild lettuce plant

Comments 0,wild lettuce,pain reliever,natural powerful herb with healing,relaxing agent grows naturally,in your yard to as well in most forest woodlands,note:dont mow it, to harvest cut at base leaving root intact to further the plant life,to process you can make tea,it can be smoked to relieve lung discomfort,medicinal properties is it acks like morphine.,believed to one of the most powerful herbel remedies,been around a long douglas bolton