Yellow squash is a good subject to enter a dietary evaluation for as a staple food; wash squash lightly outside skin and cut length wise clean seeds and cavity, now you can rub it with butter and salt an pepper to taste. then heat oven and place squash on baking sheet cook on a temperature of 325 degrees about 30-45 minutes or until squash is softened  at that point you want to remove and let squash sit and rest about 5 minutes to dissipate some of the heat and enjoy!!! Continue reading

wild lettuce plant

Comments 0,wild lettuce,pain reliever,natural powerful herb with healing,relaxing agent grows naturally,in your yard to as well in most forest woodlands,note:dont mow it, to harvest cut at base leaving root intact to further the plant life,to process you can make tea,it can be smoked to relieve lung discomfort,medicinal properties is it acks like morphine.,believed to one of the most powerful herbel remedies,been around a long douglas bolton