Eating consumptions; most of those who eat three meals a day, are intended for glutton, the reason being that the rate of metabolism for the time of three meals a day is not significant enough to tolerate the metabolic rate of digestion , so you hold your food for hours. now switching to the not so tidy meal consumer quick foods like frozen meals and frozen menu snack foods such as burritos and to frozen pizza, have a higher percentage of cholesterol ,fat %,and saturated fat 20% higher than homemade. to maintain that what I summed it up to be a fragile food criteria and you must eat less of these foods to reduce waste energy on less than common fresh foods. much more security for your healthy way of eating is a more greener + more reds, less a tomato due to a mix up in a persons personal fluctuation that is another web-article.

Low-Sugar cake

I have been a fan of trying new areas of culinary arts with some simple to use ingredients , which have been a constant reminder from children and adults alike ., some of the ingredients include stage 2 purified prunes, instant coffee, white chocolate, this is one of them simple to use diabetis recipes that curve your sugar intake so if you want a cake recipe that not only is appealing but tasty with less sugar this is one of them . regular cake mix made with ingredients mentioned above added this simple twist declines sugar levels half or lower . white chocolate is for the topping of the cake spread evenly . and enjoy!!!


Yellow squash is a good subject to enter a dietary evaluation for as a staple food; wash squash lightly outside skin and cut length wise clean seeds and cavity, now you can rub it with butter and salt an pepper to taste. then heat oven and place squash on baking sheet cook on a temperature of 325 degrees about 30-45 minutes or until squash is softened  at that point you want to remove and let squash sit and rest about 5 minutes to dissipate some of the heat and enjoy!!! Continue reading


  • it’s been said quite a bit lately that reading facts on the labels of products is the best way of knowing what your intake is but I believe that there is room for discussion about the ingredients that are in these products you see some ingredients I believe are permissible because of there standing in the nutritional line up ingredients is just as important as a fat count calories sodium cholesterol vitamins minerals  so if the ingredients you read on the labels don’t seem light they belong if your having to watch intakes of any sorts you might want to steer clear of those products until you can get a clear understanding of facts.

the use of bragg vinegar

I am going to take a test ride using vinegar in my drinks and recipes that use regurly that can adapt to added vinegar, so this test has already taken off this day of july 30 2018, I expect that giving the purity of this particular vinegar being raw and organic that I wont have vinegar peralious of yuccyness or blah , and can be expected ok,so I will do this for one month and post on this post my results and if there is any significant changes to my weight over all condition, inflammatory correctness, blood pressure. close monitering so stay with me this is real test not for tv.as a enter note I have dropped 4.5lbs. in this couple weeks since the vinegar.


SUMMER BLAST; with this recipe your gonna be breaking down nourishment cell walls, fibers, enzymes, and blend all ,this will be for your apparent risk factor. drinking vital nutrient filled fruit and vegetables is an immediate blast of those beneficial ingredients to boost a whole foods straight to the cell and direct to the blood for instant cell regeneration. 1. handful of spinach, one whole apple split and ate infusion to your bodies organs and molecules and arteries, filling your body with life saving nutrition. this is how to begin, use your best mixer, emulsifier, or some newer version, but you want to be sure that your unit will break up solid vegetables and fruit and nuts, seeds to make a viable nutrient filled drink the best preparation you can achieve is to balance the amount of ingredients to maximize helpful benefits of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber,and natural sugar,now for a recipe; handful of spinach, one whole banana ,handful grapes green ,teaspoon of chia seeds or flax seeds,and distilled water, you can use spring water to but distilled is truly cleaner so try both on occasion you will be utterly amazed ‘m sure pulse all ingredients till blended well and enjoy! p.s. best to use ORGANIC FRUITS and VEGETABLES!!