TOPIC:most discussions to this time of year will be focused on setting and pursuing resolutions and losing them, that is clambake in opinion set a goal then forget that goal only to find that the subtle tide flows with the influential aspects of daily pressures and value or not those resolutions end up in the back of our minds and in most cases I suspect forgotten completely cause busy is busy and time moves on. gradually you can revaluate your situation on a most noted basis do you really want it to be active, can I be well or fascinating as I am , or does this have a more meaningful  job to be performed that a mind scrambler when put to suggestive methods of valuation.

video blogging with post

I was curious as to what extent I would have to put a live video of curious articles coming to real and in the sense that is a factor to be involved with on another channel , but for this mantle there is so much more practicality to a diverse cultural planetary structure to explore and find more than meets the eye so i’m open for those new and exciting video clips live cultural events and ingenious inventions and builds from tiny houses to million dollar mansions elaborate stuff outdoors is a superb line of hands on cultural like videos to stir your ingenuity brain waves to explore the possibility on your own time.


Now the time to set yourself up with a kind of winter defense for long term winter bliss, no easy take on health or vitality,thick wool clothing and socks, blankets are the big thing this year. because ,no warming for several months ahead and there’s controversy de-stabilization occurring in AMERICA at this point! so, this is a natural climatic must have to re-load energies to the world and then receive in abundance there of for winter or thing for sure take care to protect your vision from the heighten blur from sun to frosted snow to your eyes temporarily vision perilous can and will occur and be some cases long term.

there seems to have been a storm climatic change over and now were getting back to the weather patterns of destructive naturally forming temperature seizing for a limited time but cooler weather will prevail and snow will fall to the earth and fun shall endure.


Building a terrific turkey with trimmings and bountiful of side dishes , but one thing is certain the perfect turkey; one way is I found to prepare and cook  the thanksgiving turkey and which one does best ; well, I myself am convinced that the BUTTERBALL BRAND TURKEY is perfect for what I’m about to tell you. 1.butterball turkey 2. butter and oil 3. sage 4. large cooking pan 5. aluminum foil to cover for the first have of cooking. ok now it’s important to further the basting of turkey so that it doe’s not over cook and develop tight matted meat that looks burnt. First clean your bird inside both ends of the cavities and remove the pouch of Gizzards, liver, and heart, neck bone as well the pouch and neckbone can be boiled and chopped up to make with stuffing or gravy., mean while your bird is cleaned and pat dry with lint free towel on the outside, then take your hand and cup it slightly and part the skin away from meat , then use soften butter and spread all over under skin around the sides front and back on top to help with the covering use the oil to ease of covering and then rub sage in around bird and let skin rest back in place on turkey now repeat on outside of bird, next heat oven to about 325 to 350  degrees now to perfectly cook a bird lay bird in cooking pan with the Breast down, this way will a low the dark meat to moisten and Naturally baste the white meat ,when turkey is in pan with breast down cover with aluminum foil first have and a quarter of time about 2.5 hours then remove bird from oven and remove a aluminum foil’ carefully it will be very steamy and hot’ now with turkey forks you need to turn turkey over with breast side up and at this time you may re season with same ingredients as before . with top exposed you can now finish your turkey on a 325 degree oven for the remainder of your turkey according to it’s size and it be a perfect golden brown all over even the legs. and this method is the way I cook my THANKSGIVING TURKEY LOVE IT !!!