SUMMER BLAST; with this recipe your gonna be breaking down nourishment cell walls, fibers, enzymes, and blend all ,this will be for your apparent risk factor. drinking vital nutrient filled fruit and vegetables is an immediate blast of those beneficial ingredients to boost a whole foods straight to the cell and direct to the blood for instant cell regeneration. 1. handful of spinach, one whole apple split and ate infusion to your bodies organs and molecules and arteries, filling your body with life saving nutrition. this is how to begin, use your best mixer, emulsifier, or some newer version, but you want to be sure that your unit will break up solid vegetables and fruit and nuts, seeds to make a viable nutrient filled drink the best preparation you can achieve is to balance the amount of ingredients to maximize helpful benefits of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber,and natural sugar,now for a recipe; handful of spinach, one whole banana ,handful grapes green ,teaspoon of chia seeds or flax seeds,and distilled water, you can use spring water to but distilled is truly cleaner so try both on occasion you will be utterly amazed ‘m sure pulse all ingredients till blended well and enjoy! p.s. best to use ORGANIC FRUITS and VEGETABLES!!

Heat smarts

Heat control comes from, you knowing that when out and about in the summer heat , best be able to cool down so , to prevent heat stroke or worse , this has been my idealology since I been on foot , for most of my adult life . this is a partial experienced person with many more years of foot walking in and out of treacherous weather , excessive heat can cause symptoms ; partial drogginess that may be a sign of heat dilemma , severe sunburn , and in some cases lethal. but by having water on hand and headcover , light clothing, not like some companies that think black clothing represents well , when your dealing with possible health condition dark clothing is the enemy of your longevity, and heat control , causes excessive heat retention , and reduces moisture in the body threw sweating, ALERT; for all of you who have dealt with having your sweat glands removed it is my recommendation that you tread lightly in this blistering heat , because not goona be able to dissipate it from your body . the glands are there for that purpose . we are graced with so many advantages to succeed in our endeavors that we sometimes think were invinceable.


There is something to be said about the bodies ability to support it’s structure , being out of sync as I will dub it is stressful to say the least . finding a new balance in your life can be so rewarding; Alleviates your inner and outer structure minimizes stress and mass build up of lethal toxins, can start to regulate body fluids, so you can release toxins from your pores when in activity or exercise. NOTE; I don’t think working really counts as an authenics execise regiment, you can think that if you want it wont hurt nothing but speculation shows that work is stressful.

exquisite pictorials

  Article; they (its said) a picture is worth a thousand words well what is a couple thousand worth that’s my motto for this session is pictures, old photo scrap books why not take a hour or sole and digitize them to keep safe for a long time and you can view when ever you see fit hence the notion pass them photos on to next generation.

rainy days

Recommended;Gardening,in rural Ohio,this is beneficial for hardcore vegetables and hardy plant specimens ,to get that extra boost right from the source mother nature,to grow in abundance. quick reference;Aero Gardens work teriffic, I should know I have several and if your wondering about what it is about get one go threw the process of planting what you would like fresh from your personal garden oasis.i grew corn on my deck ,with water melon ,and summer squash, with tomatos, and its time for me to do it  again,but im gonna try late summer -authem plantings to cultivate later in the season, once I perfect that I will combine both planting sequences,to expand my growing and propergating for sustainability in case of a garden you will only be able to germinate those vigorous seeds to plant anywhere you have good quality light ,for optimal growth. whats more you can start early seeds, and transplant to a organic rich Garden Patch Grow Box, saves me money when applied to that growing time.

healthy exercise regiment

  • did you know that you can do more good for your blood and oxygen by applying some simple movements to your daily activities afew leg lunges,arm curls moving in a bending motion ,keep them close to your body and do 20 reps just with hands in a ball,leg lifts,are very useful when you apply these techniques, you will know,weather your body, is in need of some specialized therapy,knots can be whoo excruciating if not properly facilitated by professional medical advisor,which brings me to why I am writing this article;exercise,proper supplements,and healthy natural whole food meal planning calender,