Yellow squash is a good subject to enter a dietary evaluation for as a staple food; wash squash lightly outside skin and cut length wise clean seeds and cavity, now you can rub it with butter and salt an pepper to taste. then heat oven and place squash on baking sheet cook on a temperature of 325 degrees about 30-45 minutes or until squash is softened  at that point you want to remove and let squash sit and rest about 5 minutes to dissipate some of the heat and enjoy!!!Another good option is GARDEN FRESH TOMATOES; yes there is a well adaptation to a delicious tomato; use 4 red tomatoes ,tops sliced off and seeds  and pulp cleaned out “TIP(clean seeds off and put on paper towel to dry making sure to have removed pulp from seeds then pack  and label according to variety and if it’s heirloom or not heirloom is the real brand harvest with this label ) your garden center or your site were you purchased your fruits and vegetables will know if there heirloom or hybrid .,ok, so you  got large red tomatoes , extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, your flavor of cheese , feta and Gruyere will go good with this, bread crumb flakes, chop and cook some andouille sausage , chopped cilantro , cooked chopped and peeled onion tip; you can roast a half onion in oven just sprinkle with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper lightly that enhances olive oil some how amazing, Mix all ingredients with bread crumbs and fill each tomato cavity with mixture and bake 20-30 minutes in a 375 degree oven remove and add remaining cheese and breadcrumbs to tomato’s put back in oven to melt cheese and remove let stand for 5-10 minutes and serve, GARNISH with a drizzle of oil and salt and pepper with cilantro
GARDEN TOPICS;DESIGN to outdoor oasis ,lagoon style pools and lavish landscapes that’s exciting ,surround your home with parklike walking paths that introduce a subtle escape from the riggers of society.
Fresh bountiful harvests; to some excursion on planting and cultivating to prep and table, First must care and plan your plants growth pattern according to it’s growth time , and with as close to accurate feeding , watering, and Fertilizing, to propagate for plant species thriving capabilities,, from collecting to some drying , most to long term storage if a perennial crop can endure, I prefer  perennials for there stability, and for most adaptability to  weather patterns. Strong plant healthy plant, organic planting stages for Optimum regrowth and best recipes ingredients, to add this is a aspect as to rebirth in the perineal gene plant variety perhaps some day., we as interested humans may discover that plant life study is more crucial to possible human regeneration of vital organs , fragile but required tissue and tendons to regrow vital parts of the human anatomy were as it is possible with plant possibly due to there non-bone structure, but trees have an uncommon growth pattern to they can be dormant for long periods of time, and when first sign of calm weather ,they spring to life  filling there branches with life giving foliage . that in it self is miraculous , and trees have municipal properties as well take for instance the birch tree using the outer cambium ,boil this down and strain each time you boil for a number of time and strain every time you boil the sap up to clear you wont get much unless the crop is plentiful but the use of as a drink is delicious…

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