when there is a connection between food an exercise , we tend to lead with the appetite and feel that there is a delicate process of combining food an exercise to establish some all day vitality in engagement to the fullest and that is a repulsive statement to the extent of the quality of food you are partaking with your exercise regiment, bar none to actual long time philosophical training guru’s out there who have there axes grounded to the floor only to find that common consumption of their bodies intake of high proteins, minerals ,better LDL cholesterol ratio,  increasing fats acids  total energy foods count , so deliver your bodies needs and prolong your health an nutrition.!http://MINDFULNUTRITIONANDMORE.COM


Building a terrific turkey with trimmings and bountiful of side dishes , but one thing is certain the perfect turkey; one way is I found to prepare and cook  the thanksgiving turkey and which one does best ; well, I myself am convinced that the BUTTERBALL BRAND TURKEY is perfect for what I’m about to tell you. 1.butterball turkey 2. butter and oil 3. sage 4. large cooking pan 5. aluminum foil to cover for the first have of cooking. ok now it’s important to further the basting of turkey so that it doe’s not over cook and develop tight matted meat that looks burnt. First clean your bird inside both ends of the cavities and remove the pouch of Gizzards, liver, and heart, neck bone as well the pouch and neckbone can be boiled and chopped up to make with stuffing or gravy., mean while your bird is cleaned and pat dry with lint free towel on the outside, then take your hand and cup it slightly and part the skin away from meat , then use soften butter and spread all over under skin around the sides front and back on top to help with the covering use the oil to ease of covering and then rub sage in around bird and let skin rest back in place on turkey now repeat on outside of bird, next heat oven to about 325 to 350  degrees now to perfectly cook a bird lay bird in cooking pan with the Breast down, this way will a low the dark meat to moisten and Naturally baste the white meat ,when turkey is in pan with breast down cover with aluminum foil first have and a quarter of time about 2.5 hours then remove bird from oven and remove a aluminum foil’ carefully it will be very steamy and hot’ now with turkey forks you need to turn turkey over with breast side up and at this time you may re season with same ingredients as before . with top exposed you can now finish your turkey on a 325 degree oven for the remainder of your turkey according to it’s size and it be a perfect golden brown all over even the legs. and this method is the way I cook my THANKSGIVING TURKEY LOVE IT !!!


Tangible assets , are perishable in my book because, the market that stimulates it is always flexing and one has touched base with that completely, for instance silver coinage how far will silver get you if no one is willing to determine your right to higher return, and is holding set silver coinage making it more valuable., my understanding is that non-graded untouched coinage makes for a better and higher grading and that’s were I sit now ,so contrary to popular belief is that send coinage amounts you can afford to grading facility and have the grader monarch value your set ,MINT or PROOF, it’s still the best way to get private investors clinching to their computer chair checking for that next big deal!!!

DAY TO DAY Basic Survival

As a caution to the wind to boost a comment on the aspect of daily survival you must first have had some sort of action in a scenario of where you were of dormancy and vulnerable to to the change of comfort and stability ,. hardships make no friends in a economy that lingers on the comforts of modern living . so get out there and explore the territory  around you neighborhoods , you may find that you are hiding an outdoorsman  or woman to the extent that you have no feeling for any outdoor correct that your gonna have to go out there and camp, fish, bird watch, deer watch, and trail blazing threw the parks of your areas for that connection you will then start to enjoy it to the point that it could be secondary family outing . 

Low-Sugar cake

I have been a fan of trying new areas of culinary arts with some simple to use ingredients , which have been a constant reminder from children and adults alike ., some of the ingredients include stage 2 purified prunes, instant coffee, white chocolate, this is one of them simple to use diabetis recipes that curve your sugar intake so if you want a cake recipe that not only is appealing but tasty with less sugar this is one of them . regular cake mix made with ingredients mentioned above added this simple twist declines sugar levels half or lower . white chocolate is for the topping of the cake spread evenly . and enjoy!!!

pain relievers

fatique in my leg and pre hospital visit my one relief has been a constant I was getting very weary of standing on my left foot I was starting to think that there might be some nerve damage then I realized that I had only been elenvating it and laying low on walking to drasticly  so I had got me a bottle of nasproxin sodium with pain reliever and took onl ‘a aspirin a day is like a apple a day may keep the doctor away, well it working for me with one tablet and pain free who can say that in a dramatic role like that they don’t use any pain relievers non-sense the affect of one aspirin far more valuable  than those hip-vine pharma drugs . so I only needed a total of two to reverse the negativity that would have likely been my undoing. thanks easy to swallow aspirin. well ,This is a stunner ,A foot soaking in what I believe to be sugar is the point of my stiffness and cramping, bulging pain inflex , it’s not gonna tremble my stance any longer though , because if this exciting therapeutic ointment works . tried this aspirin (Naproxen) but it helps put problem in suspension for awhile, I need a more practical approach to this sway and land it were it belongs for the time


Yellow squash is a good subject to enter a dietary evaluation for as a staple food; wash squash lightly outside skin and cut length wise clean seeds and cavity, now you can rub it with butter and salt an pepper to taste. then heat oven and place squash on baking sheet cook on a temperature of 325 degrees about 30-45 minutes or until squash is softened  at that point you want to remove and let squash sit and rest about 5 minutes to dissipate some of the heat and enjoy!!! Continue reading


  • it’s been said quite a bit lately that reading facts on the labels of products is the best way of knowing what your intake is but I believe that there is room for discussion about the ingredients that are in these products you see some ingredients I believe are permissible because of there standing in the nutritional line up ingredients is just as important as a fat count calories sodium cholesterol vitamins minerals  so if the ingredients you read on the labels don’t seem light they belong if your having to watch intakes of any sorts you might want to steer clear of those products until you can get a clear understanding of facts.