Now the time to set yourself up with a kind of winter defense for long term winter bliss, no easy take on health or vitality,thick wool clothing and socks, blankets are the big thing this year. because ,no warming for several months ahead and there’s controversy de-stabilization occurring in AMERICA at this point! so, this is a natural climatic must have to re-load energies to the world and then receive in abundance there of for winter or thing for sure take care to protect your vision from the heighten blur from sun to frosted snow to your eyes temporarily vision perilous can and will occur and be some cases long term.

UPDATE ; UPDATE¬† State of winter emergency advisory; zero degrees and dropping tonight JANUARY 30th of 2019 This is the first major winter this winter and earlier there was a warm front that swooped in from Indonesia due to volcanic eruption, now things have settled amidst are nation for a comfortable winter mix to stimulate spring and summer ,that brings me back to case in point tonight’s weather pattern is unlike any of us have seen in awhile , so , next it is imperative that with great scrutiny that you stay in a warm place ,don’t tread out on foot alone ,and don’t take this weather lightly dress like you got to stay hot. if you have static breathing stay home, call who ever you need to call work, family, doctor, president of the united states ,but do not go out in freezing polar weather with out proper air quality.

there seems to have been a storm climatic change over and now were getting back to the weather patterns of destructive naturally forming temperature seizing for a limited time but cooler weather will prevail and snow will fall to the earth and fun shall endure.

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